• Image of Villa

'Villa' is taken from an original acrylic painting I did of the vintage packaging of a potato cutter. A vintage fair find, it tickled me that someone had held onto this packet for well over 50 years. It is beautifully designed with it's glorious blue, glamorous 'housewife' and delightful lettering. The detail on the design is staggering, from the pattern on the blouse to the sunlight that shines on her hand. I wanted to capture all aspects of the packaging, which is why I painted it flat; I love the energy of all the sides on show at once, and I also got a huge amount out of painting the wear and the passing of time on the surface. From the slight sun bleached areas (perhaps it was kept too close to a window at some point) and the slight tears where the corners have worn away, it was a joy to paint.

Original painting was shortlisted for the Sir John Hurt Art Prize

Limited edition of 50

Signed and numbered by the artist

Fine Art Giclee print beautifully reproduced by The Norfolk Art Place on Fotospeed High White Smooth Matte paper (315 gsm)

Print measures 76 cm x 56 cm

P & P to UK included in price

P & P outside the UK please contact me directly